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How often should I have my house washed?

If you want to preserve the integrity of the exterior of your house, we recommend having your house washed at least once a year.  If you live near the ocean we recommend twice a year as the salt damages your property.  After all, your home or house is a large investment so it makes sense to keep it healthy.

Do we need to be home for our house wash quote?

Most of the time you will not need to be home,  as long as we have access to see what you want us to clean.  If the house is a rental we may have to book a time with the tenant to view the property.

How much does your service cost?


We provide free quotes.  Our prices are based on the following: Square meters, height, access, amount of dirt and organic growth and time involved in cleaning.

Do you clean roofs? What method do you use?


We highly recommend having your roof treated every year.  However if your roof has severe growth we suggest having your roof soft chemical washed then treated.  The majority of the time we will not need to get on the roof, exceptions being poor access from the ground.  We apply our chemical to the roof killing all organic material, after that we simply wash off whats loose and leave the environment to do the rest.  This also cleans all the dirt and grime that has been built up over the years.

What is your time frame for scheduling your services?


Generally we can schedule your cleaning service within 2-3 weeks. Depending on the time of year, we may be able to book you in sooner.

Do we need to be home when you have your house washed?


No, you do not have to be home and we don't need access inside your house. 

Do I need to do any preparation?


Yes make sure all windows are closed, no washing is left on clothes line and the house is a clear area to walk around.  We recommend putting a towel down on any window sills or doors where water is known to get in.  If objects around the house are to heavy for you to move we can do this ourselves. 

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